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BBC Industries manufactures Top of the Line Conveyor Dryers For The Screen Print Industries.  Click Below to shop BBC Conveyor Dryers and Accessories. MADE IN THE USA!

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“I thought I’d drop you a few lines on how thrilled we are with the two new Legend presses we purchased recently.            

Set-up time has been reduced due to the precision workmanship you’ve engineered into these machines. One registration is set, you need not worry about it until break-down. You know the number we put out here at the GemGroup.

Impressions Magazine, June issue, recently had us ranked #10 in the country for units produced. By adding these two 6 color Legends, that brings us up to eleven ANTEC presses at the GemGroup Inc. I can assure you we’ll be adding more in the near future.

Thanks for all your help and technical support.”

Bill Liacos GemGroup Inc.

I can’t tell you how pleased we are with our new machine. The ads and sales pitches don’t do it justice. The ease of registration far surpasses anything I could imagine. Our first job was a 10 color. We left it up on the machine for a week and printed shirts at our leisure. The registration was just as tight on the last as it was on the first.”

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I am enjoying my Antec One more than I anticipated. The workmanship is Grade-A and the micro registration is amazing. I’m also noticing that there are very few parts that would need to be replaced frequently like some other presses that I have seen.

I have not had any registration issues since the Antec One. I do enjoy the bar that holds the screen down much better then what i was previously using because its just easier and much more efficient.

Set ups have been twice as fast an the quality of the print has increased quite a bit. I cannot think of one bad think to say about this press so that’s always a plus. My favorite part about the press has to be the registration controls. The technology is very impressive and I’m still overwhelmed with the infinite possibilities ahead.”

Cheryl ~ CTW Printing Concepts